2015 Check Presentation

$365,000 mark passed!!

2015 participants raised $141,868.76!!

Totaling $366,453.42 donated to Dr. Tuohy to help prevent breast and other cancer with a vaccine.

2015 Check Presentation: Every year we invite participating shops to join in presenting Dr. Tuohy and his research team with a check.

Armando Chardiet and Co. | Brakes For Breasts

Armando Chardiet (Chair of CC Philanthropy Institute), Dr. Tuohy (our Hero), Mike & Coreen McGroarty, Leigh Anne Best, Laura Frank, Thomas Hamilton, Ph.D, (Lerner Research Interim Chair), Billy Hillmuth and Nelson Wittenmyer (Vice Chair of Philanthropy Institute)

Dr. Tuohy, Coreen and Mike McGroarty | Brakes For Breasts

Dr. Tuohy, Coreen and Mike McGroarty. Mike and Coreen entered a contest to win Goodyear Blimp Tickets, a very hard to come by commodity. They had to write a long essay, provide pictures and videos and marketing plans, as to why they should win the tickets to use as a fundraiser for Brakes for Breasts. They won the tickets from Goodyear and then sold raffle tickets to raise over $4,000 for Brakes for Breasts. Another innovative idea for Brakes for Breasts!

 Dr. Tuohy and Co. | Brakes For Breasts

Back row: Dr. Tuohy (center, in tie) and his team. Front row (left to right): Leigh Anne Best & Laura Frank (Brakes for Breasts Founders), Coreen & Mike McGroarty from Nordonia Tire & Service in Northfield OH, Billy Hillmuth, Hillmuth Certified Automotive with 4 locations in Maryland.