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Shout out to Sue Morsching and Elyisan Auto Service in Minnesota. Click here to see the newspaper article highlighting their support of research for the breast cancer vaccine and her personal connection.


My mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 7 years ago. She is a fighter thats for sure and has endured the chemo and continues her battle today. She went to the doctor with vague symptoms of being winded, bloated and just not feeling right. After an EKG she was given a clean bill of health and sent on her way; still not feeling quite right. Sixteen months later she was rushed to the emergency room with excruciating abdominal pain. Diagnosis: stage 4C Ovarian cancer. After her surgery and a lot of tears and encouragement – we vowed to make a difference. I know this initial vaccine is for breast cancer but, Dr. Tuohy is also working on one for ovarian cancer. Additionally, there is a genetic link with the BRCA1 gene between ovarian and breast cancer so, roll the dice. Would you rather deal with breast or ovarian cancer. NEITHER!! When Dr. Tuohy perfects the breast cancer vaccine, the one for ovarian cancer will be next. Mom, I love you!